TYMCO Sweepers – Designed To Protect The  Environment


Protecting the environment is critical to our planet sustainability and the conservation of our natural resources.  TYMCO recognizes the impact that sweepers can have on our environment if not designed and built with that in mind. TYMCO strives to reduce any negative impact of its sweepers to your natural resources.

Sweeper Design

In the beginning, keeping things simple and doing more with less was part of the process in design. In addition creating a smaller environmental footprint is part of the design as well. Minimizing the use of water for dust control and reduction in fuel consumption is part of creating a sweeper that has an enhanced useful life expectancy.

Do More With Less

  • The TYMCO 500x was designed with a digital multiplex electrical system. This was done primarily to make troubleshooting the sweeper easier for service technicians and reduced the amount of wiring needed to just a few hundred feet.
  • With fuel consumption reduction a priority, we engineered components to be lighter and easier for service technicians to replace parts if necessary. These components are designed to be modular whenever possible. Thereby making the sweeper easier to work on but also reduces welding during production, which in turn saves energy and the gases required during fabrication.
  • TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweepers use less water for dust control when compared to any other sweeper types. Our centrifugal dust separator removes the majority of fines from the air stream before the air is recycled requiring less water needed for our sweepers. Water nozzles are specified that control airborne dust instead of wetting the material as it lays on the ground. Other sweepers that use more water often create mud that can be smeared on the surface and left behind.
  • Our engineers take into account several other aspects when designing the best way to reduce dust such as air flow direction, velocity and other means to separate out as much dust before the air reaches the dust separator.

* Our sweepers are AQMD Rule 1186 certified

Dustless Sweeping Technology

The TYMCO Model DST-4® and  Model DST-6® patented filtration system enables these sweepers to be equally efficient in wet or dry conditions, so you don’t have to avoid puddles and leave debris behind. Both our DST-4 and DST-6 set the performance standards for particulate matter removal in the U.S. and Canada. Our DST-4 and DST-6 not only remove dirt, dust, and debris from the sweeping surface, they also clean the exhausted air to 99.999% of 0.5 micron size particles.

Alternative Fuel

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
    The CNG option is available as a dedicated unit, where both the sweeper and the truck chassis are CNG powered on the Model 600, Model HSP, and Model 500x.

Manufacturing materials

Tymco’s continuing goal is to reduce or restrict environmentally damaging substances when we build the #1 Regenerative Air Sweeper.  Reducing the environmental footprint of the materials that go into their creation.  Using recyclable materials reduces the amount of waste going into landfills.

  • We Powder Coat as many parts as possible, and use Low VOC Acrylic Paints in other areas.
  • We use recyclable plastics to make it easier to recycle as much of our sweeper as possible when it has reached the end of its useful life.
  • We use reprocessed polyethylene for abrasion liners throughout the sweeper.
  • Our engineers continue to make efforts to use reprocessed materials when possible.


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